Camping adventures #1

I love camping. I go camping with my dogs and there’s no other way for me to do it. If I don’t bring my dogs, my camping trip doesn’t feel complete. I had to use “#1” in the title because of how many camping adventures I’ll be writing about on this blog. I’m so excited to start writing about my adventures, and it’s only right for me to start with a camping trip.

Camping is my favorite therapy.

This particular camping trip happened in February 2020. At the beginning of the trip headed out toward the camping site, my Jeep got stuck in the mud and it was impossible to get unstuck. After that, I tried to start a campfire, made a mistake in forgetting to set up a barrier between the fire and the leaves, and almost started a brushfire in the woods. I only tell that story because I laugh; otherwise I would be embarrassed. I mean seriously… what kind of somewhat experienced camper forgets to make a barrier between the fire and the leaves? I definitely controlled it, but it got a bit scary for a minute when I saw the fire get close to the front tire of my Jeep.

But even as stressed as I was to keep it away from the Jeep, it was an experience that made that camping trip unforgettable. Whatever it takes, right?

Despite that happening, the peace I felt and feel during a camping trip is unmatched. The only other time I feel so at peace is when I travelled to Japan and had the entire beach to myself (I will write about that in another post). Camping brings out the peace and happiness in me that I can’t bring out of myself in an ordinary day.

I have so many stories and I can’t wait to tell them. I also can’t wait to write about my future adventures.

I will write about why I started this blog very soon (but as a little bit of hinting, you can read the About page).

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